How do I know which practitioner or therapy is right for me?

Begin by choosing a service that interests you from our services section. Contact a practitioner from our practitioner directory who offers this service, and request a brief evaluation. The practitioner will help you determine if their work is the best fit for your needs and if not, refer you on to the practitioner and service that is right for you.  All of our practitioners are happy to speak with you, even if you don’t end up scheduling with them.

If you need help determining where to start, feel free to call us at 617-354-8360 ex 10 and leave a message in our general information mailbox, and someone will get back to you who can assist you. 

Do CHA practitioners accept insurance?

Most practioners at CHA do not bill insurance directly, but will give you what is known as a "superbill", contatining all relevant information for insurance reimbursement. You complete this statement with your policy ID etc. and then submit the bill yourself. Practitioners can also give you a statement suitable for your flexible-spending account (FSA).

Currently two of our acupuncturists do bill insurance directly, Abram Ojure, Lic. Ac. and Marilyn Yohe, Lic. Ac.  You can check other individual practitioners who offer different services to determine whether or not they bill insurance and, if so, which insurances they accept.

How do I book, change or cancel a massage session or other types of therapies available at CHA? 

For appointments or any transactions having to do with Bill Mueller or Jim McCormick, use our contact form or call  Catherine or Katie at 617-354-8360 ext 10.

For appointments, questions or changes with any other practitoners at CHA, please contact them directly. You can find individual practitioner contact information under Practitioners.

Can I get a same-day appointment?

We encourage you to make appointmetns in advance; however, feel free to check in with us, as same day appointments are sometimes available. For appointments with acupuncturists Bill Mueller or Jim McCormick, use our contact form or call 617-354-8360 ext 10. For appointments with other practitoners at CHA, please contact them directly. You can find individual practitioner contact information under Practitioners.

Can I schedule online?

Some of our practitioners have this capacity, please check individual practitioner pages for details on how to schedule appointments.

Is CHA handicap/wheelchair accessible?

Unfortunately we are not. We have a short flight of stairs up to our entrance,  our bathrooms are not wheelchair accessible, and we do not have an elevator to the upper floors. Your practitoner may be able to see you in a first floor treatment room, check with them for more details.

What is the scedule of Pilates classes?

Pilates at Your Center, Inc. with Julie  Gleason offers private and semi-private instruction on equipment only. For more information see Pilates Studio.