Pilates Mat Classes, Sat 8 - 9am

Saturdays 8 - 9 am

Focus on core activation, mobility, stability, and strength.

Get the blood flowing, increase awareness of breath, engage the core and find balance. Practice the Pilates Mat Flow - a series of exercises developed by Joseph Pilates - and focus on abdominal strength as well as a complete whole body workout.

Meet Instructor: Caitlin Clancy

Caitlin was introduced to Pilates in 1993 – when she started study with Julie Gleason at Your Center, Inc.  After having spent the last 15 years in Arts Education, Caitlin is returning to a career in movement. Caitlin received a Master’s Degree in Modern Dance and Choreography in 1996 and is currently completing the Balanced Body Comprehensive Pilates Instructor Certification through Boston Body Pilates with Zayna Gold.  

Drop-ins welcome

  • $15 per class, paid upon entry  

  • $84 for a package of 6 classes


Package paid upon first class

Capacity Maximum 10 students

Please be sure to tell Caitlin about any concerns. This class is not recommended for anyone with serious joint pain or major physical limitations.  

Cambridge Health Associates

335 Broadway, Cambridge, MA 02139