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Thayer Tomlinson

Paintings by Thayer Tomlinson

About Thayer Tomlinson

As an environmental consultant and a mother, I often find my time streaming by. Painting gives me the time and space to shift to longer, slower movements. My subjects are sketched in the field or picked and brought home to sit in a jar of water so I can take my time to sketch and paint them on paper.

About the Paintings

My work brings a sense of grace to elements in the natural world by rendering the hidden beauty in everyday things. The original botanical paintings focus on details that are often overlooked. I strive to evolve as an artist, to showcase new things, and to shift perspectives within me to see the beauty and grace all around me.

I work in watercolor because I love the atmospheric quality of the paint and the immediacy of results. Watercolor paints are wonderfully versatile—I can pack them up in a small bag and paint as I move through the world. All I need is water and a painting surface, be it artist paper or a paper bag. I have painting journals from all times in my life—living in Nepal, Mongolia, California, Washington DC, New York, Vermont, Wisconsin—and I have been able to capture both the landscape and my place in it, mainly in the form of watercolor paintings.

All paintings are signed and dated originals.
Friday, April 4 (All day) to Friday, July 4 (All day)