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Friday, May 25 1:15 pm to Friday, August 24 1:15 pm
Tuesday, May 22 12:00 pm to Friday, August 24 12:00 pm
Illustrations by Choo Chung
Tuesday, April 10 12:15 pm to Tuesday, May 22 12:15 pm
Paintings by Maura Cunningham
Friday, January 26 10:45 am to Monday, April 2 10:45 am
--   Paintings by Barbara Trachtenberg
Sunday, October 15 11:15 am to Friday, January 26 11:15 am
Paintings by Denis Wogan I had my first ever solo show here at CHA in the spring of 2000.  I exhibited 10 watercolors. Now I’ve returned to CHA for a retrospective of my creative output of the past 17 years.  Since 2000 my work has been accepted into more than 40 juried shows in 12 different states.  
Friday, June 9 1:15 pm to Sunday, September 10 1:15 pm
This body of work is titled Image & Interview: Portraits of My Comtenporaries and includes, for each subject, a photographic portrait together with edited excerpts from a lengthy interview.  
Sunday, November 27 10:45 am to Friday, February 24 10:45 am
New Work - Tim Allen When we explore our unique talent, we face an essential loneliness - and also the chance of appreciating who we truly are.  
Friday, September 16 2:00 pm to Thursday, November 10 2:00 pm
Paper Wall Sculptures by Nyia Yannatos
Tuesday, June 7 10:30 am
 About my art and this exhibit.  I work primarily in three media - photography, watercolor, and paper collage. Each taps a different creative need, but in all of them I am interested in pattern, color, composition, and the play of light.  
Saturday, February 20 3:00 pm to Thursday, April 7 3:00 pm
Understory / Paintings by Melissa Shaak   The understory is the layer of the forest beneath the canopy.  My work involves building up  layers of paint, in an unplanned and improvisational way, then scraping through to reveal  something of the life underneath.  What’s found there is often surprising, vibrant, and complex,  like the understory of a forest.     I first used the layering and scraping technique making monotype prints.  The process evoked 
When the Storm Approaches
Wednesday, November 4 (All day) to Friday, January 29 (All day)
Ruth LaGue grew up in Alaska, awed by the incredible vastness of the wild landscape.  Gazing at the expansive skies and majestic mountains as a girl, Ruth recognized that she  was a small part of something much larger than herself.
Wednesday, July 1 (All day) to Saturday, October 31 (All day)
Jane Causey is a classical painter who comes from a long line of artists. Originally from the South, Jane lived in New York City and London before settling in the Boston area where she raised her two children while establishing her career as a painter. In New York, Jane worked as an illustrator for lifestyle and gentlemen's magazines.
Thursday, February 26 (All day) to Monday, June 15 (All day)
I have always envied writers their ability to thread words together in a simple and eloquent way. Finding the right words has never been easy for me. The images in this show are part of a body of work that represent the words that I can't always find and the feelings that I don't always want to share. They are excerpts from my ever-evolving visual journal.
Tuesday, September 2 (All day) to Monday, February 16 (All day)
About the Artist Moscow born, both classically and conceptually trained Alexandra Rozenman brings a canny and charming mysticism to her life and art. In her work she creates her personal and often surreal world, where shapes, colors and images are often utilized like words in a story.
Friday, April 4 (All day) to Friday, July 4 (All day)
About Thayer Tomlinson As an environmental consultant and a mother, I often find my time streaming by. Painting gives me the time and space to shift to longer, slower movements. My subjects are sketched in the field or picked and brought home to sit in a jar of water so I can take my time to sketch and paint them on paper.
Sunday, January 5 (All day) to Sunday, March 30 (All day)
About Julia Zanes
Tuesday, October 15 (All day) to Saturday, January 4 (All day)
“The pieces in this show are evidence of an ongoing exploration in my painting practice; an exploration grounded in my intention to have fun, to surrender to the mystery that arises in each moment, and to respond with the knowledge that I am an instrument in the service of creativity and love. Plus, I believe that beauty matters!”
Photograph "Acadia Balance 4" by Mark David Bailey
Monday, July 15 (All day) to Tuesday, October 15 (All day)
"Photography and rock balancing are meditative acts for me  that celebrate the power of visualizing positive outcomes in a precarious world.” About Balances
Saturday, January 26 (All day) to Tuesday, April 2 (All day)
About New Works The paintings in this series represent for me a momentary manifestation of how one carries thought, memory, awareness and nostalgia at varying times and sometimes simultaneously. I have long been interested in the varying states of consciousness one experiences at any given moment and also how each state of consciousness can shift quite suddenly and completely. The result of each shift and its profound effects on one's perception is what most intrigues me.