Daphne Mitcheson


B.A., Barnard College, 2001
Rolf Institute of Structural Integration, 2005


Certified Rolfer™


Trainings with some of the most advanced practitioners in the field including Jim Asher, Neal Powers, and Liz Gaggini. Courses in osteopathic techniques taught by Doug Alexander, LMT and Ron Murray, D.O. Extensive study with the late Emilie Conrad, Founder of Continuum Movement. Most recent training in the clinical applications of Continuum Movement co-taught by breathwork pioneer Robert Litman and Advanced Rolfer and Continuum teacher Gael (Ohlgren) Rosewood.

Daphne Mitcheson

Daphne (Berwind-Dart) Mitcheson has maintained a thriving private practice here at CHA since 2006. Originally from San Francisco, she has come to feel very much at home on the East Coast where she received most of her education. After graduating with highest honors from Barnard College, Daphne worked for three years at a public relations agency in Boston before deciding to become a Rolfer™. She had experienced Rolfing® in college, and wanted to understand and share with others this healing art that had cured her own chronic back pain, and transformed her sense of self. 

Today Daphne practices Rolfing as a means to understanding not only pain, suffering and the nature of healing, but also joy, vitality and the nature of health. She regularly supplements her training with courses in advanced Rolfing and osteopathic techniques including: craniosacral therapy, visceral manipulation and neural mobilization. Daphne is an avid student of the Gyrotonic Expansion System® and a devoted practitioner of Continuum Movement. She lives in Watertown, MA with her husband Luke and son Henry.

Treatment Philosophy

“Drawing from my professional studies, my clinical experience and my personal explorations of wellness, I seek to help my clients re-open vital connections -- both within their bodies and between body, mind and world. I believe that health is wholeness, and that health problems are best understood and addressed in relation to whole-person patterns, personal history, and life choices.”


"Rolfing has made a huge difference in my quality of life. It relieved my chronic low back pain, improved my posture, and made me feel more centered in my body. It also increased my breath capacity which improved my running and my singing voice. I recommend Daphne very highly. She is skillful, gentle and thorough, and made my Rolfing® experience pleasant as well as therapeutic." 

—Lalita B., Grad Student

"Before I met Daphne my body was locked in long established and stressful postures which seemed unlikely to ever change. After a brief course of her treatment, I have achieved a new relationship with gravity. I am more limber, taller and now stand straight with no conscious effort." 

—Stan N., Chief Technology Officer

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10% discount offered to clients who pay upfront for the 10-session series (i.e. one free session.) 

Initial sessions are 90 minutes; subsequent sessions are approximately 75 minutes.

For any given series of sessions, Daphne recommends  scheduling appointments within three weeks of each other.


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