Dorothy Oja

Dorothy Oja

Dorothy Oja is a certified professional astrologer who specializes in assisting clients to enhance their birth potential and support the achievement of goals by understanding their unique birth map. Dorothy has lectured at conference all over the world and across the USA. An active writer, Dorothy's bi-monthly news magazine, PlanetWeather, published for 18 years, includes social, cultural, and political commentary. See a sample and subscribe at  Dorothy authored Compatibility & Conflict for Romantic Relationships, and one for Friendship and Business - computer reports through Cosmic Patterns Software. Her first book, Planetary Resonance, Everything Leaves a Trace, was published in 2012. Dorothy is faculty for The International Academy of Astrology, teaching several 9-week semesters each year.  Her blog, describing the day’s energies, posts on her FB page, She serves the astrological community on the Board of ISAR (International Society for Astrological Research) and is Chair of its Ethics Awareness Training and Director of Ethics Mediation.  


Services include: Individual Sessions to support Self-knowledge, Career, Relationship, and Spiritual pursuits. Dorothy specializes in timing and researching dates for surgery, weddings, business openings, and other important life events, Relationship analysis, Children's Profiles, Tutoring/Classes. 

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