Harry Hobbs



Alexander Technique Center at Cambridge

Boston University


Alexander Technique International (ATI), Certified Teaching Member



Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals (ABMP), Member




Harry Hobbs

Certified Alexander Technique Teacher


I specialize in working with people with chronic pain and injuries. Are you tired of coping with ongoing pain, anxiety or feeling hopeless due to health problems? Movement Therapy with the Alexander Technique can help. Problems I assist with include repetitive stress injuries, tendonitis, back pain, fibromyalgia, sciatica, injuries from car accidents, or recovery from surgery. I help you re-connect to your body and develop self-awareness so you can move without pain and engage with life’s activities again.

My work is oriented towards empowering clients to take healing into their own hands. Often our bodies can feel foreign when severe pain and discomfort sets in. I use gentle hands-on contact to encourage the release from constricted postural patterns that come from our body’s response to pain. I show you how to work with these constrictions so you can gradually shed them and move safely, with more ease and integrity.

Treatment Philosophy


As your recovery from pain unfolds, you may realize that your physical problems are only purely physical. I also see those without injuries, to help people who wish to become more connected to themselves and their bodies through movement therapy, posture re-alignment and mindfulness. In my work, I help you understand what you could be aware of emotionally so you can heal at deeper levels. I draw on elements from many methods, including Somatic Experiencing, for healing and resolving trauma in the body that promotes mind-body integration. 


“I first started seeing Harry in February 2018 to help me deal with some chronic pain (tendinitis in my arms and hands and Morton's neuroma in my feet) and was new to the Alexander Technique (AT). I love that the AT is something you can practice on your own once you get help from a teacher. Harry has helped me deepen my awareness of my body and my ability to accept what's happening. That's opened up a ton of healing for me, on an emotional level as well, and shown me how painful beliefs manifest in the body. Harry's very intuitive and perceptive - and wise beyond his years. Even though I've been practicing mindfulness intensively since 2005, he's helped me take my practice way deeper. I've learned so much about my body, my reaction to pain, and I've avoided surgery thanks to Harry's support. When he sensed I was ready to work on my own, he helped me transition into practicing what I'd learned. That was very empowering. I highly recommend Harry if you'd like to try the AT or just want to work with a skilled, safe teacher and learn more about yourself.” - B.M.
"I came to Harry because of recent lower back pain as well as a past bout with sciatica that I didn't want to repeat. I found Harry very easy to relate to, supportive and knowledgeable without being imposing. I demonstrated how I sat most of the time, and how generally unsatisfying it was. Gradually, Harry encouraged me to sit with whatever discomfort I was feeling without trying to fix it. This counter-intuitive approach allowed to listen to what my body needed in a way that I hadn't done before. The result is that after working with Harry for just one session, rather than reacting automatically to discomfort, I am now more likely to respond consciously. The result is feeling like I have more options for movement throughout the day, avoiding the repetitive stress that was at the heart of my chronic pain. I would highly recommend Harry!" - P.P.


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