Harry Hobbs


Alexander Technique Center at Cambridge


Boston University


Alexander Technique International (ATI), Certified Teaching Member


Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals (ABMP), Member




Harry Hobbs

Certified Alexander Technique Teacher

Harry is a Florida native who has been living in Boston for over ten years. He was originally exposed to the Alexander Technique as an actor in training at Boston University’s School of Theatre.  He has since become devoted to learning and understanding how the Alexander Technique can enrich the lives of others and his own. He loves the depth and beauty the work brings out in people and the way it lets them become freer at deeper levels of their being.



Alexander lessons open you up to how you’re coordinating yourself through daily life so that you have more choices for finding ease and spaciousness within yourself as you do any activity. Lessons in the Alexander Technique are a wonderful way to alleviate back pain, recover from an injury or increase your level of performance as a performing artist. The work involves gentle and subtle hands-on guidance that teaches you how to slowly give up interference with your body’s natural way of carrying out movement. It’s simplicity and effectiveness has helped performers and people in pain improve their well-being and expand their awareness for over 100 years. 

Treatment Philosophy

Alexander lessons serve to help you understand how you can become more conscious and aware of how you react to stimuli, use your body to carry out any task, and support yourself in that process. In a series of Alexander lessons, each one stands on its own and over time the subtle changes you experience become more and more integrated. Eventually it can feel like a new self has emerged. There are no protocols in these lessons and how many you need is up to you. I view the Alexander Technique as a simple but useful tool and find joy in teaching others how to implement its principles in areas of life that need it most.



“Alexander lessons from Harry have been nothing short of revelatory in their ability to bring much greater visceral awareness into my everyday life and movements. I am a yoga practitioner/instructor and energy healer of ten years - which is to say that I already have a number of tools for embodiment. Nevertheless, sessions with Harry have offered something that my existing tool box has not. Learning these skills from Harry has complemented and deepened my existing practices; and, these strides I have made with Harry are not, I think, simply from the Alexander Technique. Rather, Harry himself, who teaches through presence and play, is a gifted, artful teacher!” - Amanda N.



“Working with Harry has not only informed the way I inhabit my body - with greater ease, presence and integration - but the way I inhabit my life. My sessions with Harry functioned like sessions of personalized mindfulness in motion with a profound impact resulting in a marked shift towards physical and mental flourishing.” - Eliza R.


“I have never been more proud of the way that I carry myself. Harry has made the world a more relaxed and comfortable place through his Alexander teachings. Thank goodness for him!” - Heather C. 

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Days at CHA



50 min: $75


Half hour: $40


3 weekly lessons for $185

5 weekly lessons for the price of 4: $300

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There are student rates and sliding scales available. If you are extremely motivated but the financial commitment is preventing you from studying, please contact Harry for more details.



Please notify Harry the night before if you wish to cancel your appointment. Same day canellations are charged the full fee.