Harry Hobbs


B.F.A., Boston University, 2010

Alexander Technique Center at Cambridge, 2014


Alexander Technique International, Certified Teaching Member (ATI)

Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals, Member (ABMP)



Harry Hobbs

Certified Alexander Technique Teacher

Harry has been learning and benefiting from the Alexander Technique for nearly a decade. In 2007, he was introduced to this work at Boston University’s School of Theatre under Betsy Polatin which gave him refreshing, new ways of thinking and inhabiting his body as well as unexpected and lasting benefits. In 2014, he became a certified teacher of the Alexander Technique after completing his 3-year, 1600-hour training at the Alexander Technique Center at Cambridge headed by director Tommy Thompson.

The Alexander Technique helps you coordinate yourself with more ease and integration by expanding your awareness of how you carry out simple movements and everyday tasks. Widely taught in conservatories for music, dance and theatre, the Alexander Technique is known for preventing injury, increasing efficiency and fostering present moment awareness. It allows you to alleviate pain and make more conscious choices about how much tension you use in all that you do. It serves as a wonderful method for change and growth for any individual. 

Treatment Philosophy

I see the Alexander Technique as a way of allowing people to discover more about themselves as they become more aware of their choices and how they respond to the demands of life. Each lesson is an exploration of who you are, and together we witness the uniqueness of you when we allow the body’s intelligence to come through in any movement and in any moment of a lesson.


“I have never been more proud of the way that I carry myself. Harry has made the world a more relaxed and comfortable place through his Alexander teachings. Thank goodness for him!” - Heather C.

“Working with Harry has not only informed the way I inhabit my body - with greater ease, presence and integration - but the way I inhabit my life. My sessions with Harry functioned like sessions of personalized mindfulness in motion with a profound impact resulting in a marked shift towards physical and mental flourishing.” - Eliza R.

“Harry is observant, patient and gentle - after one session I had insight into some of my long held movement patterns and new, effective ways to modify those that do not serve me.” - Kellen Z. 

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One hour lesson: $80

Half hour lesson: $45


Six 1-hour lessons for the price of five: $400

Ten 1-hour lessons for the price of nine: $720

There are student rates and sliding scales available. If you are extremely motivated but the financial commitment is preventing you from studying, please contact Harry for more details.



24 hour notice required for cancellations. Full fee charged for late cancellations and missed appointments.