Karen Gabler


B.A., Wheaton College, 1974
L.M.T., New England Institute of Massage, 1983



Certified Structural Integrator, Certified Fascial Fitness Instructor, Licensed Massage Therapist, National Board Certified Massage Therapist, Certified Zero Balancer, Certified Infant Massage Therapist


Anatomy Trains/Structural Strategies at Kinesis, Inc with Thomas Meyers; Aston Patterning with Judith Aston; Iyengar Yoga; Alignment Yoga


Karen Gabler


Karen Gabler has been a Massage Therapist, Structural Integrator, Zero Balancer, and Alignment Specialist for over 30 years.  Karen synthesized her 30+ years of experience into Gabler Sustainable Body, a program that helps people create optimal alignment and fluid movement through their fascia.  Since most chronic pain comes from misaligned fascia, not muscles, Sustainable Body treats the fascia so that life without pain is possible.

In addition to treating individuals in her private practice, Karen provides professional trainings in Gabler Sustainable Body and regularly writes and lectures on the new research into the relationship between fascia and health.  Karen offers introductory workshops and classes in Gabler Sustainable Body here at Cambridge Health Associates, in Melrose, on Cape Cod, as well as other places by arrangement.

Treatment Philosophy

“The human body is brilliantly designed to be stable, fluid, and aligned. If we learn how to use the body's natural architecture well, we can be pain-free at any age.” 



"After a lifetime of hunched posture, I am able to hold the kind of posture I associate with dancers." - Bob N.


"Just one treatment gave me great improvement in my cello playing." - John B.


"Karen immediately saw where I was misaligned. Then she realigned me so that my hips and back were pain-free." - Laura P.


Make an Appointment:

Please call or email Karen to schedule an appointment.

Initial appointment includes a thorough history-taking, in-depth assessment, and treatment.

To make sustained changes and maintain them, it is important make a commitment to a series of sessions.

Gabler Sustainable Body Programs include a 3-session, 6- session, or 10-session series with significant discounts included.

Retreats are offered to help people support the significant changes in posture, movement, and attitude.



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Gabler Sustainable Body

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24 hour notice required for cancellations.
Full fee charged for late cancellations & missed appointments.

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