Kathy Hermann


B.A., Mount Holyoke College, MA
Muscular Therapy Institute, MA



Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Wilson-Meagher Equine Sportsmassage™


Advanced training in Anatomy Trains & Myofascial Massage with Tom Meyers; Orthopedic Massage with Ben Benjamin and James Waslaski; Advanced Deep Tissue with Mary Gail Sullivan; Wilson-Meagher Equine Sportsmassage™; Neuromuscular Therapy; Active Isolated Stretching; Basic Reflexology for Relaxation


Kathy Hermann


Kathy became a licensed massage therapist in 2005 and founded Equilibrium Massage Therapy, a private practice treating both people and horses.  Prior to that, she had a 20-year marketing career in the high-tech industry. An avid horsewoman, she discovered the power of massage while rehabilitating an injured horse. That life-changing moment during an equine massage workshop inspired her to train as a massage therapist.  She has worked in spas and other wellness practices, and provided sports massage at the Boston Marathon.  In addition, she continually pursues her interests in massage through continuing education courses. 


Treatment Philosophy

“Bodies perform better when they can move better.” 
 - Jo-Anne Wilson

"My work is based on the principles of sports massage, and the power of specific and informed touch.  Since the body functions as a unit, I treat it as a whole and work to restore balance and ease throughout.  My goal for each massage is to reduce the ache and pain of stressed muscles, improve functional movement and calm the mind.  This results in a sense of ease and well-being within the body, plus better performance and endurance -- whether you’re a human or a horse!"

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Equine Massage

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