Rolfing® Structural Integration

Rolfing® is an original system of body restructuring and movement education based on Structural Integration. Body misalignment, under the influence of gravity, results in chronic strain, decreased vitality, and impaired functioning. By freeing the restrictions that pull the body out of alignment, Rolfing allows the musculoskeletal system to reorder itself into a more appropriate relationship to gravity. This is accomplished through gentle manipulation of the body's myofascial system: the layers of connective tissue that surround the muscles, nerves, organs and blood vessels and give the body shape. Classical Rolfing is a ten-session program, in which different angles and degrees of physical pressure are used to stretch and guide fascia to create greater ease of movement. Not all clients need a full series for lasting improvement. The recommended number of sessions depends on the client's priorities and the depth of the imbalances. The Rolfing process is intended to create a more resilient, higher-energy system, free of pain and inhibitions due to past habits and/or trauma.