Perpetual Mobiles by Vladimir Barsukov

Vladimir Barsukov

“Vladimir Barsukov was born in Tbilisi, Georgia (formerly in the USSR). He earned his Ph.D. in physics and mathematics from St. Petersburg University in 1971 and immigrated to the United States in 1989. Vladimir died suddenly of heart failure on December 10, 2013. To find stories about Vladimir’s life, please go to the blog.

All his life, Vladimir enjoyed making things with his hands for fun and relaxation, but after immigrating to the U.S. he began a gradual transition from an emphasis in the sciences to an emphasis in art. His innate creativity and scientific education combined to produce a diverse body of work that includes sculpture and painting as well as poetry and scientific publications. Toward the end of his life, Vladimir also began teaching others to make mobiles, and found it especially rewarding to help students understand the mathematical and physical principles of balance behind the art form.

Every one of Vladimir’s creations is infused with aspects of his personality.   His mobiles seem to float effortlessly and gracefully, providing the viewer with feelings of peace and contemplation. Many also transmit his sense of playfulness and humor. His paintings and standing sculptures, released from the strict rules of physics that govern the mobiles, are often wildly and freely expressive. And without exception, every piece that sprang from his hands radiates an unmistakable quality of optimism.”

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