About Pilates

Pilates was named after its founder, Joseph H. Pilates, who in the 1920s created this unique exercise system. Pilates is designed to rehabilitate, energize, and re-structure overworked or underdeveloped, muscle groups. Repatterning movements and proper breathing techniques are important components of Pilates, and because the exercises require concentration, they also increase kinesthetic awareness and mental focus. The goal is to realize each person's maximum physical capabilities. For over 85 years, the Pilates Method has served those who want to move with greater, ease, flexibility and strength and for these reasons is popular with athletes and performance artists as well as those seeking to improve body conditioning.

About the Studio 

Pilates exercises in the Studio, Your Center, Inc., are performed on specially-designed Pilates equipment. This equipment can be calibrated to client's individual needs, and is specifically designed to correct imbalances or misalignments, increae range of motion, and strengthen the muscles deep within the body. Because most movements in Pilates are initiated from the core (the lower and deeper abdominals and mid-back muscles,) the extremities are able to move freely from a stable center, increasing flexibility and stength, and decreasing the possibility of injury.

About Julie

Julie Gleason is the studio owner and primary teacher at Your Center, Inc. Julie established the Your Center Pilates Studio in 1990, after a decade-long career as a Certified Muscular Therapist. Julie was already well-versed in both human anatomy and physiology when she began her training in Pilates. Julie has studied with Fran Lehen of Groundfloor Exercise in New York City, Mary Bowen of Your Own Gym in Northampton, MA, and Ron Fletcher. Julie is committed to Your Center, Inc. and to the ongoing study and development of this unique and deep form of body conditioning.

Studio Hours

Monday - Thursday
6:30 AM to 7:00 PM

6:30 AM to 2:00 PM

8 AM to 12:00 PM


Private Session: $90.00
(The first 10 sessions are private)


12 Semi-Private Sessions
within 5 weeks: $504.00
($42.00 each)
10 Semi-Private Sessions
within 6 weeks: $450.00
($45.00 each)  

Semi-Private Session (1x week): $50.00

Studio Schedule

Contact Julie at the studio for scheduling information.

Contact & More Info

New to Pilates? Want more Information?

Contact Julie Gleason 
Studio owner and primary teacher
Your Center Pilates Studio
335 Broadway
​Cambridge, MA 02139

Image: Pilates Studio.
Image: CHA Pilates Studio.
Image: CHA Pilates Studio.
Image: CHA Pilates Studio.