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Image: Tanya Hayes Lee.

New Work

Tanya Hayes Lee

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Image: Free Association, Mara Sanadi Wagner.

Free Association

Mara Sanadi Wagner

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Ecstatic Photography

Dorothy Oja

"Creative pursuit has facilitated the depth and struggle of my own complexity. It has mirrored the meaning of life experiences and the clash of cultures. For me, art is the pursuit of ecstasy. Capturing a photgraphic image or completing a design is euphoric."

An Instant in Space-Time

Work by Adriana Prat

"I embrace art-making like meditation: an instant in time-space shere only color, textures, and the physicality of the painitng materials seem to exist."


Illustrations by Choo Chung

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after the storm

Time & Consciousness

Paintings by Maura Cunningham

In this body of work I am focused on time & consciousness. My paintings are many layered, occur over many months and shift in form and structure over time until my perception and understanding of their subject becomes whole. I begin all of my work with simply an intuitive sense of a beginning.

The Laws of Chance

Paintings by Barbara Trachtenberg

I am an abstract painter who often works with found materials and collage, painting a canvas first, then adding detritus—found and old objects, broken things.

Recent and Not So Recent Works

Paintings by Denis Wogan

The landscapes and seascapes of Atlantic Canada and the New England Coast continue to be a source of inspiration for my representational works.

Lily Pena Moses

Image & Interview: Portraits of My Contemporaries

Carol E. Moses

This body of work includes, for each subject, a photographic portrait together with edited excerpts from a lengthy interview. ... 

I developed an idea of creating a photographic record of my own friends. I have long been an eager, greedy even, photographer of close friends, along with my abiding passion for photographing the patterns and textures of the natural world.

New Work by Tim Allen

"When we explore our unique talent, we face an essential loneliness - and also the chance of appreciating who we truly are."

Botanical Prints

Ken Field

The flowers and plants used in his botanical prints are grown on his farm and collected throughout New England. Each  botanical print is composed and arranged to enhance the botanical to show its best.