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New Work

Anna Louise Lane

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Sky Dancer

New Work

Michael Robbins

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Image: Tanya Hayes Lee.

New Work

Tanya Hayes Lee

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Image: Free Association, Mara Sanadi Wagner.

Free Association

Mara Sanadi Wagner

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Ecstatic Photography

Dorothy Oja

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An Instant in Space-Time

Work by Adriana Prat

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Illustrations by Choo Chung

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after the storm

Time & Consciousness

Paintings by Maura Cunningham

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The Laws of Chance

Paintings by Barbara Trachtenberg

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Recent and Not So Recent Works

Paintings by Denis Wogan

The landscapes and seascapes of Atlantic Canada and the New England Coast continue to be a source of inspiration for my representational works.

Lily Pena Moses

Image & Interview: Portraits of My Contemporaries

Carol E. Moses

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New Work

Tim Allen

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Botanical Prints

Ken Field

The flowers and plants used in his botanical prints are grown on his farm and collected throughout New England. Each  botanical print is composed and arranged to enhance the botanical to show its best.