Structural Bodywork

Structural Bodywork refers to modalities that diagnose and treat misalignments in the musculoskeletal and myofascial systems of the body. By correcting these misalignments, structural bodywork seeks to reduce pain, increase functionality and ease, and enhance overall well-being.


Ortho-Bionomy has its roots in Osteopathy and Martial Arts.  It is a non force technique, which gently, comfortably, employs movements and positions which exaggerate the body’s imbalance.  This triggers a self correcting reflexive response.  This technique replies upon the body’s innate wisdom.  It is done on a massage table and clients are clothed.  It is effective with chronic and acute pain, trauma, stress and to enhance athletic performance.

Who to Contact: Cynthia Wood

Zero Balancing

Zero Balancing, or ZB, was developed by Fritz Smith, MD, and draws upon his background in both osteopathy and acupuncture, thus integrating fundamental principles of western medicine with eastern concepts of energy. This technique provides the possibility of healing by addressing the energy flow of the skeletal system. By working with bone energy, Zero Balancing seeks to correct imbalances which may be the result of stress, injury, or trauma. ZB uses fulcrums - gentle lifting and traction focused on the bones and joints - to clear these blockages and allow stronger, clearer currents to flow.