For New Patients seeing Bill or Jim

Upon Arrival

Please plan to arrive for your first appointment with Bill or Jim 5-10 minutes early. Our waiting area and treatment rooms are located just inside the front door, on the first floor. A receptionist at the front desk will greet you when you arrive, provide a brief orientation to our building and invite you to enjoy some tea or water. While you wait, a receptionist will also give you a short client-intake form to fill out, a copy of our HIPPA privacy practices to read over and take home for your records, and a "Notice of Privacy Practices" to sign and indicate you have read and understood the HIPPA information. If you prefer to fill out the forms in the advance, CHA will be providing printable forms on our website in the near future.


We recommend scheduling your initial appointment at least two weeks in advance to guarantee availability. Depending on their schedules, they do sometimes have openings for same-day initial and regular appointments.


  • Initial appointments Bill Mueller: $225 Jim McCormick: $205
  • Regular appointments $145.00
  • Sliding scale available in some cases of need. 

Payment Methods

Payment is due at time of appointment. We accept cash, check, debit or credit card (visa, mastercard and discover.)



24 hours notice required for cancellations. Late cancellations and missed appointments will be charged the full appointment fee. Emergencies excepted.


Bill and Jim do not accept insurance. If you would like to seek reimbursement from your insurance company on your own, we are happy to provide you whatever materials you may need to submit a claim on your own (patient records, official receipts, diagnostic codes etc.) Please see our insurance FAQ for more information about this process.

Superbills, FSA, HSA and Tax receipts provided upon request.

Patient Confidentiality

Bill, Jim and their office staff honor your privacy and the confidentiality of your records. We handle your information ethically and responsibly and are HIPPA* compliant. Anything with your name or other information is promptly shredded by a high-security shredder when no longer needed. We also carefully maintain respectful and professional boundaries with past and present patients, both in the office and out. You can read more about HIPPA*-compliant patient confidentiality practices here.

*HIPPA stands for the Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act passed by congress in 1996. 

Referrals & Record-Sharing

While you do not need a referral from your doctor or other health-care professional to see Bill or Jim, they are happy to collaborate with other practitioners. To share your patient records from treatment with Bill or Jim with another practitioner or vice versa, you need to sign and submit an authorization form to both parties. Contact the front desk to request a record-release authorization form.