At Cambridge Health Associates, we have been deeply affected by the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Aubery and other men and women of color who died silently, without justice. We are heartbroken for the families of these Americans who have lost loved ones.

Honestly, as we are for the most part privileged white men and women, we have no idea of the depth of fear and anguish that our communities of color have experienced for centuries. The events of the last two weeks have brought this suffering to our doorstep.

We are opening ourselves to learning and owning what we and our society have sanctioned and approved since the dawn of our country. We hold ourselves humbly in the face of this learning, and we promise to keep ourselves open to the shock of what goes on every day in the USA in communities of color.

We commit to listen, act, and love. We know we certainly don’t have the answers, but we remain open to learning how we can help our country move to a more fair and just society for all people.

We encourage you to look directly at these painful issues, and act upon them. How can we address the injustice, the pain, and the loss that confronts us as a nation?

Some organizations we encourage you to support are:

Black Lives Matter- Boston




Loveland Foundation

New England Blacks in Philanthropy

There is nothing new about the events of the last month. They are centuries in the making, the result of institutional and personal racism. Change must be in our future. We cannot remain silent at this time in our history. At CHA, Black Lives Matter.